Coffee is a hotly debated beverage and it always seems that there is one study or another looking into the effects of coffee on our body and our mind. This super stimulant is definitely the go-to choice of many who are looking to get that extra cognitive thrust in order to get the job done in a meaningful and effective way. Coffee aids concentration, it makes us sharper thinkers who are more mentally equipped to tackle jobs that require all of our mental functions to be firing on full steam. 

There are other great health benefits that we know are associated with the regular consumption of coffee. For example, coffee is known to stimulate the process of turning fat into energy. There are only a couple of other things that will stimulate this fat conversion process, one of these is taking very cold showers, and the other is exercise. Drinking coffee may be a more favorable option for many people. 

But then there are scientists who will pop up and argue that too much coffee is detrimental to your health. It is hard to know where you stand. So, before you head out for your next cup of coffee, you’ll probably want to know, can coffee actually make you healthier and live longer?

Coffee Consumption Reduces The Risk Of Cancer

There is some great news for coffee drinkers. Researchers from the National Cancer Institute, the National Institute of Health, found that drinking up to eight cups of coffee in one day can help you live longer.  

The reports show that after analyzing the data from provided by UK Biobank taken over ten years from more than half a million people in the UK, there were no adverse effects on a coffee drinker’s mortality. That means that as long as you drink your coffee in moderation and as part of a balanced diet, then it will not cause long-term health problems. 

Even better than that, the report showed that of those 500,000 people observed by UK Biobank, there was an 8% lower mortality risk. 

If you are a heavier coffee drinker, the report went on to find that there was a 14% lower risk of mortality in that ten year period when you drink eight cups or more. 

When it comes to cancer, consuming coffee saw a 20% reduction in the risk of cancer. 

These statistics are definitely worth heading to the coffee shop for and enjoying your favorite roast.

There Are Considerable Benefits In Reducing The Risk Of Other Long Term Health Problems

It is not just the length of your life and the reduction in the chances of developing cancer that coffee plays a part in. 

The tests also showed that through drinking coffee on a regular basis, there was a 20% reduction in the risk of type 2 diabetes. A 30% reduction in the risk of Parkinson’s and a 5% reduction in the risk of heart disease. 

With all of these health benefits at play, letting coffee play a regular fixture in your life can be beneficial to helping you live longer. 

Coffee As Part Of A Healthy Lifestyle

Of course, it is always important to point out with any test such as this, that our lifestyle factors will be at play. While coffee has been proven to help you to live longer, you do need to look after your health in other ways. 

As great as coffee may be, your body should be looked after. That means exercise, eating healthy, plenty of sleep, and relaxation. 

Your mental health is also important. Keeping your brain active, staying connected to those around you, and finding time to relax and enjoy your life are ways of staving off stress, depression, and anxiety. 

Fortunately, coffee can again help you here. If you are looking to relax more, and connect with those around you, Purc Coffee is one of the best local coffee shops in Las Vegas.

How To Get Your Coffee Fix Without Overdoing It

We all love a cup of coffee, the taste, the aroma, and the subtlety or complexity of many of the different roasts, if you are a connoisseur, you will no doubt be able to enjoy coffee often. Whether you are enjoying your favorite blend in cool coffee shops in Las Vegas, or you are grabbing an instant coffee at home before work, coffee plays a big part in our lives. 

But where the reports seem staggering is in the fact that eight cups of coffee each day suggests the highest increase in health benefits. While caffeine is a useful stimulant that will give us all a sharper thought process, eight cups may well send your brain into overdrive. Many people claim that they cannot sleep when they have had too much coffee. That much caffeine is often more than a person can take. 

The great news is that it is not just caffeinated coffee where you will see the benefits. Decaf also helps in many of the areas covered in the report. 

With many improvements made in the way that they are produced, there are now plenty of great-tasting decaf coffees out there, so there is no harm in switching out the occasional cup if the caffeine is getting a bit too much for you. 

Getting Your Coffee Fix

One of the best things about coffee has to be that it is a social drink that allows us to connect with our friends and family. Where better to do that than in one of the best new coffee shops Las Vegas has to offer. Purc Coffee is a Las Vegas cafe concept that should be experienced during your stay in the city. This greenhouse cafe is located inside the Planet 13 Entertainment Complex, across from the Planet 13 dispensary.

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