Everyone knows that coffee contains enough caffeine to affect how alert and awake we are. Due to the effects of caffeine, it’s seemed like common knowledge that drinking coffee shortly before bed can have negative effects. If you’re extra alert and wide awake due to drinking strong coffee, then it’s going to be harder to fall asleep.

At least, that’s what we all thought.

In reality, most people that drink coffee or consume caffeine shortly before going to bed will likely have realized that it doesn’t really have an effect on their quality of sleep. This has been furthered backed up by several studies that show that drinking coffee before bed does not affect the quality of your sleep.

Caffeine Consumed Within Four Hours of Bedtime Has No Effect on Sleep

According to a study by researchers from Florida Atlantic University and Harvard Medical School, caffeine that is ingested within four hours of going to bed actually has no observable association with sleep factors measured by wrist sensors that were given to people that took part in the study. A total of 785 people were observed for a period of 5,164 days to see how the consumption of caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine affected their sleep. In comparison, both alcohol and nicotine did seem to have an effect on average sleep duration.

These findings are incredibly counterintuitive to what people have been told in the past, but the reality is that they were actually just myths to begin with. Dr. Neil Stanley, a sleep expert, said that “the idea that drinking coffee before bed will keep you awake at night is a myth.” Individual results may differ depending on how sensitive one is to caffeine, but sleep-related issues are likely not related to the consumption of caffeine throughout the day.

Coffee Remains a Suitable Beverage for All Hours of the Day

This news comes as a positive surprise for many coffee drinkers and caffeine consumers across the world. Many people have disputed the myths in the past that caffeine does not actually affect the quality of sleep that one receives, but this research by reputable universities will help to solidify those claims and dispel the myths.

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