Purc Coffee is all about creating the best possible atmosphere and setting for customers who want to share moments with friends or drop by for a relaxing coffee. And, of course, the coffee itself is second to none. Once you’ve dropped by and sampled what Purc has to offer, you won’t want to drink coffee anywhere else on the Las Vegas Strip. Here’s more about why you need to visit Purc.

A Peaceful and Calming Environment

The peaceful and calming surroundings and unique environment offered by Purc certainly make it stand out from its competitors. There’s none of the overcrowding or harsh lighting that we often associate with big coffee shops. Instead, it’s lit and designed to make the experience peaceful and relaxing for each individual that steps through its doors. We’ve designed it to bring the outdoors inside with our green-house concept that provides an ambient environment that is completely unique to Las Vegas. It’s the kind of environment that makes it easy and enjoyable to spend time with friends or relax by yourself. 

Ideal for a Latte with Friends

There’s a fantastic and varied menu at Purc and that’s just one of the reasons why it’s such a good place to spend time with friends. If you need to catch up with some old friends you haven’t seen for a while or you need a new regular place to hang out for a coffee and lunch with your best friends, Purc is the ideal place for all that and more. It’s a place where you can converse and enjoy your surroundings together.

The Ideal Las Vegas Location

Purc has the benefit of being located close to the Las Vegas Strip without feeling like the kind of place that you often associate with the Strip. If you want to escape the casinos and the bright lights, Purc acts as the ideal retreat from all that. You can come in and find a calm environment where you can enjoy a quiet coffee on your day off, do some work or catch up with friends. In the ideal location for all that.

Helpful and Trained Staff Will Meet Your Needs

There’s a team of attentive, helpful and trained staff that will be there to make your experience even better. They’ll provide you with a fun experience and the kind of service that you expect in the very best coffee shops. They’ll be there to meet all of your needs and to ensure your experience is a positive one. 

Take a Break

There are times when we all need a bit of a break and just want to relax somewhere that feels comfortable and inviting. That’s what Purc is, so next time you want to do nothing but take it easy and have a break from the things that are causing you stress in life, head to Purc.

Don’t hesitate to drop by and try out Purc for yourself in the Planet 13 Complex. It’s in an ideal spot and you’ll have a great experience with friends or by yourself; it’s the best coffee shop in Las Vegas and you won’t want to miss out.

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