Did you know that we are Las Vegas’ first cafe located within a marijuana dispensary?! Planet 13, a large entertainment complex designed for marijuana enthusiasts, is nearing the completion of a coffee shop and bistro/pizzeria to their top-rated services and amenities. Purc is said coffee shop!

In February 2019, Planet 13 announced plans to expand its selection of amenities with the addition of a coffee shop and a bistro/pizzeria where patrons could come to relax, unwind after spending a day at the entertainment complex and enjoy a cup of coffee.

Coffee For The People

PURC Coffee is created with a greenhouse concept in mind, offering large and clear open spaces and views of the Las Vegas skyline. Complete with modern furniture, ample seating space and a diverse menu of coffee-based products, we hope to create a unique coffee shop experience that can’t be found elsewhere in Las Vegas. PURC Coffee hopes to please both coffee enthusiasts with an interest in marijuana but also tourists and regular visitors that just want to sit down and have a break while touring the complex.

PURC Coffee will offer a range of unique CBD-infused drinks as well as regular coffee shop drinks. Exclusive CBD-infused lattes and light pastries will offer the benefits of CBD in a familiar edible form. Other products such as smoothies, boba, and signature lattes will also be on offer with CBD as an optional add-in to attract customers that wouldn’t normally consider purchasing CBD-based products.

The combined area for the coffee shop and bistro/pizzeria is 4,500 square feet and will be able to sit up to 150 patrons. Planet 13 aims to increase traffic to its entertainment destination even if patrons aren’t interested in marijuana or CBD-based products. It will act as a way to draw in more customers and provide them with unique services, not found anywhere else, while also providing existing customers with more amenities during their visit to Planet 13.

The Doors To Purc Open Soon

As the world’s largest dispensary and marijuana entertainment complex, Planet 13 has attracted locals from all over the United States and also tourists from overseas. Having a brand new coffee shop launch in the same entertainment complex adds to the excitement and all-in-one nature of Planet 13 as a destination and not just a dispensary. In addition to offering its patrons with a comforting and modern space to relax during their trip to Planet 13, it also helps to attract people with no interest in marijuana products to the complex.

PURC Coffee will launch towards the end of fall to provide Planet 13 patrons and coffee enthusiasts alike with a unique greenhouse coffee shop concept that offers a wide variety of specialized drinks, CBD-infused drinks, pastries, and specialty lattes. With Planet 13 already being a hugely successful destination, PURC Coffee will help push the limits of what a dispensary should be!

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