It’s fairly common knowledge that the caffeine content in coffee can help us focus and get through a hard day at work. However, recent studies have shown that coffee can also help make us smarter–ish. At least, that’s what the results are suggesting!

According to Neuroscience, Coffee Makes Us Smarter

Multiple studies in the field of neuroscience have shown that caffeine could have an impact on brain health and resilience. One study carried out by the National Institute of Aging and the Johns Hopkins University shows that caffeine could help to protect our brains from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. This is caused by methylxanthines, a classic of chemical compounds that are found in coffee which promote sustained cognitive performance and can protect neurons against dysfunction and death. The study also found evidence that xanthine metabolites, chemicals produced when the brain processes caffeine, could contribute to coffee’s beneficial effects.

To add to these signs that coffee could make us smarter, a meta-analysis of 11 studies published in the past by World Journal of Surgical Oncology found that coffee and tea not only reduce the effect of Alzheimer’s, but also brain cancer. A study performed by Okayama University also showed that coffee compounds Caffeec acid (CA) and chlorogenic acid (CGA) both have antioxidative properties that are specific to the glial gland. These compounds prevent rotenone-induced neurodegeneration in both the brain and myenteric plexus. This essentially means that it makes our brains more resilient and flexible–or smart if explained with a single word.

To make things even sweeter (quite literally) chocolate is said to have similar properties in helping to make us smarter. This is because chocolate also contains the same methylxanthines that are found in coffee and tea which helps to sustain our cognitive performance. It makes you want to order a mocha right about now, doesn’t it?

Enjoy Your Coffee in a Relaxing and Laid-Back Environment

Since coffee is usually associated with busy workdays and crunch time, we typically associate it with stressful situations. However, coffee is a lovely drink to enjoy in a coffee shop in Las Vegas that promotes relaxed, sophisticated vibes in order to really drive home the fact that it can make you smarter.

That’s why PURC Coffee was created–to offer a relaxing and laid-back greenhouse cafe concept that serves fresh coffee and signature lattes to visitors of Planet 13, the best cannabis entertainment complex in Las Vegas. Planet 13 was created as a one-stop center for anyone that enjoys cannabis, offering dispensary services, a production facility, and even a bistro. PURC is set to become one of the coolest coffee shops in Las Vegas that will be frequented by laid-back patrons that simply want to enjoy a sophisticated cup of coffee at any time of the day.

PURC Coffee is set to open at the end of fall. This completely unique greenhouse cafe concept is sure to be a hit with local residents, as well as attract visitors from far away. Planet 13 itself is already a successful concept as an entertainment destination and PURC Coffee will continue to push the boundaries of what Las Vegas considers to be the gold standard for a dispensary.

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