Have you ever stopped to think about all of the different types of coffee there are out there? What about all of the ways that we drink our coffee? There are so many ways of enjoying coffee, it is staggering. With drinks such as flat whites, lattes, cortados, cappuccinos, Americanos, macchiatos, and so many more, do you know the differences between a regular cup of coffee and espresso?

With espresso forming the basis of so many of our favorite coffee shop beverages, what do you know about what sets it aside from regular coffee? 

But Espresso Is Just Coffee, Isn’t It?

Well, yes and no. Espresso is indeed coffee, but it is not always the case that coffee is espresso. 

It is entirely possible to use the exact same type of bean in one cup of coffee and get a completely different drink when that same type of bean is used to make an espresso. That said, coffee roasters often prefer to use a blend of arabica beans to produce espresso with desired notes such as chocolate, brown sugar, or dried fruit. 

The difference between espresso and other types of coffee is the way that it is made. A different process is used when making espresso, or an espresso-based coffee and this important distinction gives the drink its very recognizable personality, taste, texture, and smell. 

If you are a coffee aficionado, you really should pay attention to the way that espresso is made and what makes it different from other types of coffee. 

How Espresso Differs To Coffee

There are lots of different ways of making coffee. From percolators, french presses, or devices such as a Chemex, drip coffee makers are a popular choice when it comes to making a cup of coffee. This type of coffee production has long been a popular method and generally uses the slow filtering of hot water through coffee grounds. Getting the perfect cup can take some time. 

For that more distinctive taste, espresso has the edge. This Italian method of producing coffee is much quicker than the drip methods. 

Other than the difference in the flavor, espresso is a more concentrated drink with much less water. It also has what’s known as crema on top, the frothy part of an espresso shot. 

Once made, espresso can be used as the base of another coffee. For example, an Americano is an espresso with extra water. A cortado is equal part espresso, equal part milk. A cappuccino has frothy milk with an espresso shot. A macchiato is equal part milk equal part espresso, but the milk is steamed and has a slight foam. A latte uses espresso as the base but adds much more steamed milk. 

How Espresso Is Made?

The way that espresso and other coffees are made could not be any further removed from each other. Instead of the slow drip method, espresso uses fast pressure to push hot water through a puck of coffee grounds in order to produce the perfect cup. This pressure is not just there to speed along the process of making the drink, it also helps spread rich oils and create the distinctive crema. 

The pressure that espresso machines exert is huge and is around 130 psi. This is roughly four times the pressure of an average car tire and is similar to the pressure that you’d find at around 300 feet under the sea. 

The coffee grinds need to be fine for the perfect espresso. Too coarse a grind and you’d be risking a bitter, under-extracted cup of coffee. Getting this balance right is essential for delivering an espresso with the right balance of flavor.

Enjoying Your Perfect Espresso In Purc Coffee

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