It’s official, coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world. From every corner of the globe, we reach for our coffee grinders before we even fully open our eyes. In many cases, though, that’s where the similarities end. While we all love our caffeine fixes, we have very different ways of enjoying them. In America, Purc’s new coffee shop in Las Vegas is showing the locals the best place to enjoy coffee and more. In the United States, we sip on signature lattes, cappuccinos, espressos, and plain coffee, but today we’re going to look at some of the different (and even peculiar) ways that coffee lovers enjoy their morning brew across the world.

Italy – Espresso

The Italian tradition of espresso has seeped into American coffee culture and is designed for hardcore coffee lovers who can handle a small shot of very strong coffee. Traditionally served with a slice of lemon, this is ideal for those who only have time for a quick drink in the morning. While often sipped on without additional sugar or milk in Italy, cafes like Purc use a shot of espresso as a base to many latte drinks rather than plain coffee.

Finland – Kaffeost

Traditionally poured over cheese curds (juustoleipä), coffee in Finland is certainly one of the most unique! Most often, this dry cheese is placed at the bottom of a wooden cup so it absorbs all that coffee goodness. At least you can get both your breakfast and caffeine in one this way, right?

Vietnam – Ca Phe Trung

In Vietnam, ‘egg coffee’ is made by mixing an egg with condensed milk for ten minutes until smooth and then adding coffee. Locals consider this delicacy delicious, and it certainly seems like an excellent way to get a few extra nutrients into your morning cup of coffee!

Turkey – Türk Kahvesi

A little something extra is the norm in Turkey, where coffee beans are brewed and served unfiltered. Grinds and all. This traditional method involves brewing coffee grinds in a special brass pot known as a cezve and is supposed to be a social affair enjoyed in the company of others. 

Germany – Pharisäer

Looking for something sweet? The famed German Pharisäer is more like a decadent dessert than a traditional coffee drink. Complete with rum, whipped cream, and sugar, this drink is certainly a sweet way to start the day. 

Greece – Frappe 

This chilled drink is different than the frozen frappuccino. Frappes are a favorite among locals in Greece. The caffeinated offering varies a little depending on where you go, but typically it’s consisted of instant coffee, water, sugar, and foamed milk. It’s the cool cousin to the latte.


While coffee mixed with cheese curds and egg is traditional in other countries, we still have big love for a good cup of coffee and sometimes a flavored latte. While we may incorporate a few different traditions from across the world, America’s growing greenhouse coffee culture offers traditional American-style coffee.

If you fancy a laid-back coffee sipping experience, then you certainly can’t beat Purc, the best coffee shop in Las Vegas. Open 24/7 inside The Planet 13 Complex, our cafe offers everything you could hope for, including signature lattes, traditional coffee, and even smoothies! Simply check out our menu to find what you’re craving, then head to our Las Vegas cafe, and get stuck into a coffee tradition all of your own.


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