Purc Coffee is officially open for business! We’re the first cafe located inside a Cannabis Superstore and Entertainment Complex in Las Vegas. With a menu featuring quality coffee and more, you can find your new home at Purc Coffee. Come and visit us in the Planet 13 Entertainment Complex.

Planet 13 is the world’s largest marijuana dispensary and entertainment complex and has quickly become popular with people all over the country and beyond. The new coffee shop is a modern and relaxing space to spend your time, offering excellent drinks and mouth-watering food from the bistro. Tastefully decorated using a greenhouse concept, the coffee shop together with the bistro/pizzeria Rickety Cricket gives you 4,500 square feet of extra space to enhance your experience at the complex.

The menu at Purc Coffee includes signature lattes, coffee, smoothies, and boba drinks. If you’re starting to feel hungry, you can even order food from the bistro to keep the cravings at bay. Purc Coffee is more than a cafe. We aim to create a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere, where you can buy quality coffee and other specialized drinks. When people think of must-visit coffee shops in Las Vegas, we want them to think of Purc Coffee.

Thousands of people visit Planet 13 every day, but everyone will feel like they’re getting special treatment at Purc Coffee. You don’t even need to be a fan of marijuana or CBD products to come and enjoy Purc Coffee. Of course, lovers of CBD and marijuana-based products will also find options to enjoy, including CBD-infused lattes. With space for 150 patrons, the cafe is light and airy, and the perfect place to put your feet up when you come to visit the complex. We cater to everyone here, with a carefully crafted menu offering plenty of options and a large, ambient seating area where customers can sit and enjoy the view or get some work done out of the office. Come to Purc when you want a break during or after shopping, or just when you feel like coming for the coffee, food, and company. It doesn’t matter if you’re a connoisseur of cannabis or you just like good coffee and pastries. Everyone is welcome at Purc Coffee.

The opening of Purc Coffee adds to the welcoming atmosphere of Planet 13 and makes it a destination where you can really take in the experience, it’s no longer just a dispensary. Purc Coffee is also not just your run-of-the-mill coffee shop, we welcome everyone to come eat, drink and most importantly, to relax and enjoy the greenhouse setting. Choose a specialty latte or a boba tea and add a pastry to your order if you want to sit down and relax with something to eat.

Purc is open 24/7 from Monday to Sunday, so you can come and visit whenever you feel like it. Completely unique to Las Vegas, the greenhouse cafe is ready and waiting to welcome you through the doors whenever you want to drop by. Come and find Purc Coffee inside the Planet 13 Entertainment Complex today. 

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