We all know that coffee gives us that extra bit of spark in the morning. That much-needed kick could be giving us lots of other benefits too. Scientists researching the effects that coffee has on your body and your mind have found some rather interesting facts. 

As well as giving us a much-needed lift in the morning, coffee stimulates energy consumption. It does this by stimulating brown adipose tissue which in turn converts white adipose tissue or stored body fat, into energy.

So coffee helps the body. But how does it help the mind? One of the areas that coffee has long believed to be of use was in stimulating creativity. But is there truth in this?

Coffee Does Not Make You More Creative- But It Does Help!

There have always been lots of debates about whether or not coffee makes us creative. Some people go to great lengths to reap the supposed benefits of coffee, such as famous French Novelist, Balzac, who used to grind up the equivalent of 50 cups of coffee and ingest the fines raw. But was this severe caffeine use behind all of his writing? 

We all know that coffee is a stimulant and when we drink it, we feel sharper. We’re often not able to work until we’ve had our first cup of coffee of the day. Some of us even take a few cups before we are really firing on all cylinders. But does it help to make us more creative?

Creativity is quite hard to measure. Creative thought comes from the ability to make new connections between different things and to come up with something new. Scientists believe that in order to do that, you need to be able to allow your mind to wander. Coffee is something that has the opposite effect. In fact, coffee is great for keeping your mind on track and making sure that you are fully focused. 

So, what this means is that if you are trying to think of an idea for something, coffee may not be the drink that you should go to. However, this is not the end of the line for coffee. There are ways that it can help, and it certainly does have its benefits in the creative process.

When it comes to turning your creative thoughts into something more real and tangible, you often need to work quite hard. And that is where coffee offers to help your creativity.

Coffee Helps You Get The Job Done

Your ability to focus and get the job done is heightened when you are drinking coffee. There have been countless different research projects that have all come to this same result, and every day across the world, all the focused coffee drinkers who swear by their cup of joe are living testaments about the positive effects that coffee has on your ability to get your brain into the zone. 

While you may need a lapse in concentration to spark a creative thought, you will almost certainly need focus to bring the concept into clarity and turn it into something great. 

Striking The Perfect Balance

When it comes to finding the right balance between coming up with great ideas and getting the job done, the answer is simple. Take some time away from the desk or the computer. Go and do some housework or read a book in order to take your mind away from the problem that you are trying to solve. Go for a long walk, maybe even go and look for the best coffee shop in Las Vegas. Once you are not thinking about inventive problem solving, your resting mind will start to deliver some imaginative gems. 

Then, head into Las Vegas cafe, Purc Coffee, and sharpen your mind so that you can really get to work on honing in on your ideas. You can drink as much coffee as you like as you start to navigate through your concepts scribbling notes and thinking about areas that you can research. 

A Relaxing Atmosphere To Help You Work

Of course, when it comes to sitting down and making your idea into gold dust, you will need to be able to concentrate. Where better than the relaxing atmosphere of Purc Coffee? Our greenhouse cafe is one of the best new coffee shops in Las Vegas to hone your ideas.

When it comes to cool coffee shops in Las Vegas,  Purc Coffee offers a unique cafe experience. Based inside the Planet 13 Entertainment Complex, come and see what a cup of our finest coffee can do for your creativity!

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