It’s no secret that Planet 13 has taken Las Vegas by storm over the last year. Opening to create a dispensary with a difference, it has swiftly developed into the Superstore and Entertainment Complex which both residents and tourists have come to love, including interactive artwork, a clothing store, and even the opening of a coffee shop on the horizon. What exactly do we have planned for Purc Coffee’s arrival, though?

With a passion for authentic artisan coffee, Purc’s baristas specialize in craft lattes, heady americanos, and just about any other variant of this favorite brew. Coming from a range of backgrounds, their dedicated team has all of the experience they need to produce some of the tastiest coffee in all of Las Vegas. We can’t think of a better way to top off a day of shopping and exploration than to sit back with a revitalizing hot latte.

The coffee shop itself is a greenhouse concept, not only making it unique in Las Vegas but also making it hard to find something similar if you look further afield. It can be a challenge to find cool coffee shops in Las Vegas, but we’re sure that even the pickiest of coffee enthusiasts will be happy to sit down at one of our tables. Purc will also have pastries available, making it an excellent place to go for a light bite.

Diversifying Planet 13 has drawn a lot of attention from media outlets and tourists alike. With a significant portion of the people walking through our doors coming to see the superstore, rather than to buy marijuana, it makes a lot of sense to turn our attention towards catering and hospitality. Las Vegas is home to countless bars, restaurants, and other attractions, but there is only one dispensary which includes its very own Las Vegas cafe for visitors to enjoy.

This change goes beyond merely working towards building one of the best coffee shops in Las Vegas, though. Planet 13 is well on its way to becoming a tourist destination in its own right. There are very few places around the world which offer a luxury shopping experience, quality food, and the chance to get your hands on a little bit of premium cannabis to top off the day, giving Planet 13 more than enough for you to talk about.

Purc Coffee is due to open by the end of the summer, along with the brand new pizzeria waiting to call Planet 13 home. Their doors will still be open between then and now, though, and will still have plenty to offer tourists and locals looking for a dispensary with a difference, so it’s worth paying a visit.

If you’d like to find out more about Purc Coffee or the Planet 13 dispensary, take a look at our website. You can also follow us on social media for live updates, ensuring that you never miss the exciting developments we’re going through.

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