When it comes to working and being creative, there’s no better place to do your work than a coffee shop. Here at Purc, we’ve created the kind of setting that’s ideal for all kinds of workers and creatives and we’re proud to present it to the public. It’s close to the Las Vegas strip without the busyness and noise you might expect from a coffee shop in such a location. Find out more about why you should bring your work to Purc below.

Enjoy Fewer Distractions

When you come to Purc and bring your work with you, you won’t have to worry about being distracted. There are far fewer distractions than in big branded coffee shops, but there are also fewer distractions than in your home. You won’t be tempted to turn the TV on or even do some housework in an effort to procrastinate at all costs. Instead, you’ll be able to focus on your work in a relaxed environment.

Stop Feeling Like You’re Working in Solitary Confinement

When you’re working from home by yourself, it often feels like you’re working in solitary confinement. That’s not necessarily a good way to work. Instead, you should work within a setting like Purc that allows for socialization, but also an ambient experience to work in. In an office, you get to chat with others around you or at the water cooler, but that’s lost when you work alone at home or are working remotely. You can recreate it somewhat by bringing your work to Purc.

Collaborate With Others

Some people like to work in coffee shops because it allows them to collaborate with others in an easy way. It’s a good setting for that kind of creative work and it’s a good place to meet for work tasks when you’re collaborating with other people. It’s harder to have that kind of professional and collaborative session when you’re working from your home, but it’s easy and right in a coffee shop. It’s a setting that’s stimulating and appropriate.

Great Coffee As and When You Need It

Another major benefit of bringing your work to Purc is that you’ll have great coffee to drink when you need it. We have a range of great lattes to keep you alert and focused on your vital work throughout the day. Your energy levels won’t need to sag at all and friendly staff will always be on hand to serve you. That’s exactly what you need when you have a big work project to focus on.

Why Purc Offers the Right Kind of Coffee Shop Setting

Purc is peaceful, relaxing and serves some of the best coffee you’ll find anywhere in Las Vegas. It’s located in the Planet 13 Complex close to the strip, making it very accessible and easy to find. It’s a fantastic place to work and a lot less noisy and busy than a corporate brand coffee shop. You’ll be welcomed into a relaxing and inviting environment where you can get on with your work and be creative in the right kind of setting.

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